Why Group Daycare Can Help Advance Your Child’s Learning

Many parents have the impression that daycare is just babysitting. At Futurekids Daycare the curriculum in the daycare and preschool is exactly the same except that the daycare program has more hours for honing skills such as language and math and more time for activities such as science, geography and cooking. Furthermore, the staff at Futurekids Daycare, are not only qualified in early childhood development but have various specialties such as Montessori training, special needs training, and backgrounds in Reggio Emelia and Elementary School teachings. Each year they also participate in various workshops such as fun family phonics and brain dance to further their professional development.

Many home based family daycares provide service with the primary function of keeping kids safe and entertained while their parents are at work. Also, it is not mandatory for caregivers of home based family daycares to have an ECE license. However, group daycare such as Futurekids Daycare in Coquitlam is governed by the ministry of health and community licensing and must meet the rigid standards for health, safety and programming.

It is well known that early childhood is critical to the development of young children. It is also well documented that children who do not have quality childcare are slower in developing many key skills and have a higher risk for developing emotional and behavioral problems later on. On the other hand, children who receive quality childcare develop skills that help them succeed in school and build healthy relationships with others.

Many parents also worry about their children getting sick in daycare. Regardless of if you send your child to daycare or not, all kids are going to get sick sooner or later. It is well known that parents who keep their children at home found that their children were never sick but as soon as they started school, their children were always sick. On the other hand children, who attended daycare, built immunity over time and were less sick in school.

There are steps to minimize the chances of your child being sick. Futurekids daycare has an established and well enforced policy of not allowing sick children to attend. We also ensure teachers and children routinely wash their hands throughout the day. The staffs also routinely clean all the equipment, toys and centre space.

You can also make sure to keep your child’s immune system as strong as possible to help him/her fight off infection. Offer foods with the best nutrients and vitamins in their diet and ensure your child gets all the recommended immunizations on the appropriate schedule to help serious infections.

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