The Importance of Early Childhood Education

The importance of early childhood can hardly be overemphasized. Not only is daycare a time of great learning but it is also the time when attitudes towards learning and habits are formed. It is also a time when values and prejudices are developed. We all want our children to be intelligent, questioning, and sensible persons who have enthusiasm for learning, courtesy and respect for others and who can think for themselves so that they can avoid being manipulated.

However, Dr Frank Estvan points out that, “the modern world makes little provision for being understood by young minds, neither do adults always have the time or the skill to help children understand what they see or hear.”

Daycare teachers of the very young on the other hand, are in a unique position to use the child’s questions to stimulate the wish to learn and to foster the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness in early years. This can take place only in an atmosphere of adventure and creativity on the one hand and safety, security and regulation on the other.

I believe curiosity is the driving force in all enquiries and therefore in all learning but this motivation is greater in some children than others. And that is why we need teachers.

Our task as Early Childhood Educators, of Coquitlam daycares and Port Moody daycares, is to provide materials, space, opportunities and experiences based on the child’s abilities and interests at different stages of growth. By giving access to these we make possible a number of processes related to thinking (including identifying, classifying, generalizing, differentiating, and symbolizing). A step in the development of thinking that goes beyond this lies in the direction of problem solving- a willingness to ask questions, to experiment, to explore different ways of doing things and to try out alternatives.  As the future becomes less and less predictable, the ability to change with circumstances, to experiment with new ways of doing things, becomes more and more necessary for survival. Where are these qualities better fostered then in a group of young children at play?

Your child’s intelligence is not determined at birth. Luckily adults are now beginning to realize that aptitude, like any other ability, can be greatly enhanced through proper training. At Futurekids Daycare Centre, a Burnaby childcare centre we provide specific and proven teaching techniques that afford the advantages that all parents want for their children.

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