• Anthony Ellerton:  Quality Rating  3 / 3- Why search anywhere else.. this is most certainly up there with 5 stars classification… The staff and quality of the program is one of the best that I have seen in the lower mainland. My wife and I are both educators and we needed a Daycare/Preschool program that would stimulate the learning and social needs of our toddler. Our Son spent 2 years at this place his second home for 6 to 8 hours a day and would always come home talking about how much fun he had. He built very strong attachments to various staff members and really enjoyed the things he learned at school. The field trips that he went on allowed him to experience various opportunities that not all places offer. in one word the best way to describe this Daycare is AWESOME!!!!! Ask about the BRAIN DANCE.!
  • Eva:  Overall Rating 3 / 3- This is the daycare I carefully looked up after interviewing all possible daycares around. Your child benefits there from variety of programs and they produce really smart kids there. The quality of work my daugter made during her years there is amazing. They make kids reach for the best, they inspire them and most of all my girl experienced and received huge amount of love and attention. So it is not a daycare for your child just to pass time, this is very productive time for him or her and no waisted time. The teachers make effort to educate often one by one according to individual kids needs.I was driving 7km every day twice but it payed off.
  • Anonymous:  Overall Rating 3/3- I have two children attending Future Kids Daycare, the oldest having been there almost 3 years. I have nothing but praise for all the staff and the positive environment they provide to the children. They are not only great with teaching, but also encourage and give the children opportunity to grow and expand their experiences. They offer great field trips and involve the parents as much as they desire. They also do various class projects and constantly update parents with their child’s progress.
  • Soyoung:  Overall Rating 3/3–  The reason I decided on Future Kids in the first place was because during our initial interview with the teachers there I was given a very structured and solid outline of what I could expect from this experience.  Having to leave the care of my daughter to the hands of strangers is an incredibly scary experience and my meeting with Anna helped diminish a lot of these anxieties.  Once enrolled my daughter grew into a rhythm of going to school and she was beginning to learn lots more songs, concepts, and words.  She talked about her friends and teachers at school and we began to realize my daughter had formed a friendship with everyone at school.  The teachers were always attentive and interested in my daughter and all these interactions helped me and my family feel safe about Future Kids.  It’s a very friendly place and I recommend any parent to try their kids with Future Kids.  We miss the people there very much.

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