Strengthen Emotional Equity In Your Children

November is the time for remembrance and what a better time than this to talk about social-emotional equity in children.

So what is Social-Emotional Equity? To me it is social and emotional knowledge.

Society spends so much time and money on formal education (learning to read, write, problem solve, etc.) but not as much on learning to:

  • recognize and manage one’s emotions
  • develop caring and concern for others
  • establish positive relationships
  • make responsible decisions
  • handle challenging situations effectively

At our daycare in Coquitlam, we talk about tolerance and compassion yet even at Futurekids Daycare, we see parents who are not understanding within just their children’s peer group. When a child hits, is bossy with others or uses bad words, many of the parents reaction is, “keep my child away from him or her.” And I have known wonderful, concerned parents who do not condone aggression or inappropriate language and who try their best to communicate this and give consequences to their child for negative behaviour.

To all parents, I want to say…children are not bad, none of them are! Stay involved and connected in your child’s lives. Continue to listen, communicate, set limits and provide consistency. It is not a switch that you can turn on and shut off instantly. It is a learning process which may take time and repetition. To those parents who want their child kept away from these influences, I recommend they allow their child to deal with some situations and make proper choices for himself or herself (especially in daycare centres in burnaby like Futurekids Daycare which provides professional staff with training and experience and the teaching background to support the social and emotional development of your child). Know that, growing up, your child will have many challenges where he/she will have to make responsible decisions and the learning starts now.


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