Out Of School: Wise Like Owl

This month we hit on a winning combination of a super fun way to encourage lots of reading and writing. Children in Futurekids Out of School program gathered some favorite photos (personal, pet, family, etc.) and then added speech bubbles to them. This brought giggles to even the reluctant writers. Adding words to speech bubbles is fun and they are creative too. There’s no limit to what that dog might be wishing! Speech bubbles incorporate so many reading and writing skills such as capital letters, finger spaces, spelling, handwriting, and much much more. Furthermore, speech bubbles invite children to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and put words in their mouth!

Someone once said, “We get wise by asking questions.” Well, children are great at asking questions. However, we often don’t have the time or answers for them immediately. Therefore, the teachers at Futurekids Out of School program built a “Question Wall” for a way to go back and re-engage them to some of the questions and explore the answers together in an interactive and meaningful way.

Do owls turn their heads 360 degrees? Through books from the library and other resources, children answered many questions such as the above.

For children who have been in school all day, games and activities are a fun way to help with general language and communication skills. Our teachers played games like, “What’s in Ned’s Head”, Hangman, and Tongue Twisters. Great fun games for vocabulary and deductive reasoning. There were also a lot of activities surrounded around Halloween.

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