Out of School: The Sweet Province

Quebec boasts one of the largest windmill energy parks in the world. Since Spring is knocking on the door the teachers in the Futurekids Out of School program encouraged the children to create their very own windmill. The variety was amazing…check out the edible ones and the human windmills.

The activity extended to wind power and flying kites. Our children absolutely loved the challenge and thrill of getting their kites up into the air.  Once they figured out how to get it flying, they began to master the challenge of keeping it in the air. What fun they had outside making the colourful kites dance in the breeze! They even learned a few tricks along the way.

Montreal Canadians are the most storied team in NHL history and one of the original six. Our children are very competitive and thrived in the Spring hockey tournament.

Spring is also sugaring season in Quebec. Nature starts to wake up and the little droplets of maple sap wake up too. Deep in the roots of the tree, the maple sap starts to climb up inside the tree trunk. The sap is then collected in buckets and turned into maple syrup at the sugar shack. Every week in the Futurekids Out of School program, there is a cooking day and what perfect time to introduce the many sweet delights of maple syrup.

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