Out Of School Summer: Woodland Storyboard

Reading enthusiasm is a challenge faced by most kids during summer as school is out and they would rather indulge in fun and relaxation. However, many scientific articles attest that children who continue learning and reading during the summer absorb and retain information faster and do better in class.

Continuing our nature theme, the teacher’s at Futurekids Sumer Camp, untapped the children’s imagination by first collecting natural treasures and then using that to help tell a story. For example; one child found an interesting shaped stick and brought it to life in his nature journal. A team of children illustrated, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in a storyboard using sticks and other loose nature materials.

The stick is a universal toy. They are easy to find, natural and best of all, totally free. It offers limitless opportunities for an active imagination! At Futurekids, gnarled sticks turned into magical sprites, scary trolls, and even fierce monsters. Curved branches became a woody crown for a forest king. Tree trunks and roots became miniature houses for fairies and elf houses. Our children even played games with it such as “pick-up sticks.”

Besides reading and exploring their creative side the August days at Futurekids Summer Camp was full of fun activities such as nature parkour, outdoor challenges trick photography, science experiments, cooking and much much more!

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