Out Of School: Nature’s Workshop

In the past decade, the benefits of connecting to nature have been well documented. Some authorities have established that children who play outside display growth in their character development: they are more adventurous; more self-motivated, and are better able to understand and assess risk. These children are also happier, social and creative which means reduced stress.

The focus of the teachers at Futurekids Summer Camp in July was on the relationship between the children’s contact with the natural outdoor, social collaboration, communication, and developing a positive and caring attitude towards nature.

It is important that children learn to work together. Working together makes learning fun and is a powerful way to devleop key skills to succeed and survive. The teachers in the Futurekids Summer Camp provided many collaborative activities to strengthen important skills such as cooperation, communication, problem solving, creativity and leadership.

Water is essential to life, including human life. Clean water allows people to drink it, bathe in it, and cook with it without getting sick. Similarly, clean water provides healthy habitats for many animals that live in lakes, streams, and oceans. It was an eye opening experience for our children when they went fishing at the Gatensbury Park. Children were very excited and made their own fishing poles from sticks but instead of catching fish the only thing they caught was an old boot!

Each week the children in Futurekids Summer Camp had cooking experiences. Corresponding with our nature exploration, they made edible creations, dirt worms and friendship salads. Top it all off was a survivor challenge. We know that children learn best when they are involved in the process and what better way to follow instructions, make decisions and be creative as well, then by building a pretzel log cabin and eating it too?

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