Out of School Discovers The Home Of Confederation

Scottish descendants makeup the largest population in the Prince Edward Island community. The province has its own tartan and officially recognizes a dress tartan for evening wear. Our children in the Futurekids Out of School program got into the Scottish spirit with various activities including the Highland Games. These games are a Scottish tradition dating back almost 1000 years and test one’s strength, speed and stamina.

PEI is the birthplace of Canada. One Hundred and Fifty (150) years ago, a small group of elected people gathered in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island to discuss uniting jurisdictions to create a country. This historic event of 1864 led to the founding of Canada. Prince Edward Island holds a Heritage Fair annually in May at the Confederation Centre of the Arts to bring together students from across the province to present projects based on Canadian heritage themes.┬áTitles: Canada’s Great Women, The Great Canadian Giving Challenge, 150 & Me, Mysteries of Canada and Connect with Us and Others.

The confederation trail is one of the world’s best cycling destinations in Prince Edward Island. Our children enjoyed riding their bikes, building relationships and learning about the cornerstone of our great country.

The best potatoes grow on Prince Edward Island because of its famous red soil. The light soil is free of stones, and the cold winters on the island protect the potatoes frm disease.

Cheaper than apples, toguher than eggs – the rusty trusty potatoes make the perfect plaything. Our children in the Futurekids Out of School Program, located in Coquitlam, participated in many fun games starring the dependable spud!

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