Out of School: December Festivities

December is by far the biggest holiday season on the Canadian calendar. In the month long lead up to the big day of our party, the children in the Out of School program prepared a skit based on having a traditional Santa or having a more modern character called Mr. Nick. The children related to the story and their enthusiasm showed during their performance at our seasonal party.

The Christmas tree is the chief physical symbol of Christmas across Canada. It is a symbol of evergreen, of life and longevity in deepest winter. Even though a significant portion of the golden prairies is flat, agriculture land, most Canadians there too decorate special Christmas trees. Our children in the Out of School program did no less and with amazing results.

Canada’s oldest festival, Northern Manitoba Trapper’s Festival, occurs at this time of the year to honour the northern pioneers. Events include arm wrestling, baking your own bannock, etc.

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