Out of School: Beaver Believers

November’s trait to focus in the Futurekids Out Of School Program, located in Coquitlam, was on teaching our children to be industrious, persistent and purposeful.

Since the urbanization of society, children have been asked to do less and less for the family. No more collecting the eggs or milking the cows. In fact, many adults feel that making children do chores leads to unpleasant arguments or assume that it adds stress to the children due to increased work load. Some also feel it’s just easier to do the tasks themselves. What’s happening is that children grow up sometimes not knowing even some basic skills. The benefit of chores is well documented and goes well beyond work ethics. The ones given responsibilities early in life have more self confidence and are self sufficient as they grow up. In order to help prepare our children with some basic skills and be a more independent and productive adult, our teacher’s challenged them to fun activities such as making quick healthy snacks in 15 minutes.

An individual with a strong work ethic will stick to a task until it is completed- In other words persevere. Scientists have to persevere! Scientists aren’t always successful. Teaching children to learn that mistakes are opportunities to learn takes time and lots of opportunities to engage in meaningful tasks, praise for a job well done and a role model to learn from. The teachers at Futurekids build an environment where the children felt safe to try things and make mistakes. We celebrated mistakes as a chance to persevere.





Time management was another aspect that the teachers at Futurekids tried to cultivate. Learning to balance according to priorities, staying focused on the long term goal and not being side tracked by short term gratification. The teachers in Futurekids Out of School program prepared a jeoprady style challenge with a delayed reward.

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