Out Of School: Back To School

To mature socially, children need to have a healthy self esteem. Noted experts in child development have express that building blocks of self esteem are belonging, learning and contributing. The Futurekids Out of School program offers unique opportunities to succeed in these three vital areas even beyond home and school.



Our “Fill A Bucket With Character” program encourages the children to acknowledge acts of kindness, sharing, listening, including others, etc. in our group.



Historically speaking, a Coat of Arms is a design on the shield of a medieval knight. The design was unique to that knight and presented the achievements of the person. It was sometimes allowed to pass down to his descendants and became the Family Coat of Arms. As time went on, countries adopted their own Coat of Arms. Canada and its provinces and territories have their own coat of arms representing themselves and their values. Our children learnt about each other whilst creating their very own Family Coat of Arms.



Where schools value test scores and focus on specific areas of development such as spelling tests, Futurekids teachers concentrate on children’ strengths and invite them to share their skills with the group. Some amazing talent was discovered within our group of children.





A confident child is more likely to attend, contribute and be resilient to bullying and manipulation. Futurekids, an out of school program in Coquitlam, creates an accepting environment and fosters respect and camaraderie. Group discussions, constructive feedbacks, problem solving, individual responsibility and self reflection further empower the children.





Patterns of self esteem such as the concept of success starts very early in life. At Futurekids, an Out of School program located in Coquitlam, is designed to encourage the children to try and try again and see that improvement comes from giving another try.


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