Out of School: Back To School

The teachers at Futurekids, an after school program in Coquitlam, believe that whenever an activity is enjoyed, even if it requires strenuous and sustained effort or hard work, it is play. Whenever it is disliked or a boredom, than it is work. However, no one activity can be play for all children. While one child may enjoy painting, another may find it boring. One child may enjoy music whereas another may enjoy physical activity such as playing soccer. September was filled with activities to spur children’s curiosity and opportunities for discovering what may appeal to each child.

The social environment is fundamental to the growth of children’s self image. In order to build a positive concept of self, the teachers at Futurekids supported the children with…

Freedom to investigate but not to fight;

Freedom to run make-believe but not to cheat;

Freedom to run and climb but not to be destructive;

Freedtom to dance and sing but not to kick or injure;

Freedom to ask questions but not to be rude or greedy;

Freedom to expand their intellect but not their animal emotion.

The time between ages seven and eleven is often described as one of “wonder” and of “collecting”. The entire world is wonderful and the collecting of useful experiences is fundamental. In raising brilliant children it is agreed that education is more than just learning facts and skills. Of significance are the attitude, conduct, character, and emotional acuity that are the true characteristic of a complete education. Therefore, we also have an obligation to instilling likable qualities that ultimately lead to happier children.

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