Rain Rain Go Away: Out Of School

Rain Rain Go Away…

Oh Wait but We’re in Raincouver!¬†However, our children in the Out of School care program still found lots to be thankful for.




British Columbia is famous for its Spirit Beat. This bear is not a polar bear or an albino (as it has a brown nose and eyes) but has white fur due to a rare genetic trait. Legend has it that every tenth black bear was turned white as a reminder of the last ice age and that the Sport Bear would live forever in peace. The teachers at Futurekids incorporated the message of peace with group projects in the Out of School Program achieving collaboration and problem solving skills, respect and unity within the group.




Who says we can’t celebrate Halloween by eating Healthy? Our children at Futurekids proved that you can. Given a variety of fruits, vegetables, cheese, pretzel sticks, etc. they came up with amazing edible spider webs, ghosts and monsters.





What would Halloween be without our own Sasquatch Monster? Over the last two hundred years there have been thousands of reported sightings of Sasquatch in British Columbia. From the thousands of reported witness descriptions, we have found that Sasquatch like Humans, come in many sizes and colours. Here is our children’s versions of Big Foot at his man cave.


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