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All parents and teachers would agree that communication plays an important part in the social and intellectual development of young children. As we know, communication has many facets including observing non-verbal cues, listening skills, interpreting information and responding. A special presentation by O.W.L. provided an effective means of appraising children’s interaction and inclination to use language and to identify where help was needed.


One of the most valuable lessons we can teach our kids is to be good listeners. Doing a job well requires listening and following instructions. Thus, if we practice this skill often enough, our children will grow into responsible adults who will be successful in their careers and happy in life. The teachers at Futurekids daycare and preschool practiced this skill through literature-based activities (e.g. Where children had to listen to a story and go on a scavenger hunt to find the objects mentioned in the story), and also while on the field trip to the pumpkin patch.

The teachers often use visual aids to support communication with children. Visuals are a great tool for understanding as they allow children the time to process the information, unlike words and gestures that disappear. They remain same allowing for consistent memory pathways to be created. Furthermore, they can be sequenced to break down and learn a skill bit by bit.

Many young children communicate their emotions and feelings through the use of different colors. Color resonates with people in different ways. We all have a favorite color or color that we use more during specific periods in life. Is it possible that our brain processes different colors in different ways which then impact our feelings and our ability to create? In fall we are surrounded by color and as such what better time to explore them. Our teachers provided stimulating experiences with color.




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