Preschool And Daycare: September Books & Brains

The native ancestors of this land observed the way animals live in nature and learnt many lessons about each animal including their strengths, instincts, reactions and special qualities. Our teachers at Futurekids, a daycare and preschool in Coquitlam, spent the whole of September similarly observing and assessing each child.

Play is vital to children. In play, they are completely absorbed and show initiative, imagination, intellectual curiosity and emotional involvement. In understanding children’s play, the teachers at Futurekids daycare and preschool explored the key to educate the whole child.

We believe that teachers should not stunt or distort personality development or overdevelop it prematurely. So, how do we encourage animal behavior to become social conduct? The teachers at Futurekids, a Coquitlam daycare and preschool, provided materials, space, opportunities and experiences according to children’s abilities and interests. They arranged conditions (time, affection, etc.) so that the spontaneity, the search, the curiosity, the creativity, the freedom for self expression and growth could flourish. And, the teachers set standards of behavior and created a moral atmosphere by example and suggestion.




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