Preschool and Daycare: Loyal She Remains

Ontario is the seat of our government. It is here that our values of freedom, respect for cultural differences, mission of peace and a commitment to social justice has been ingrained (Charter of Rights and Freedoms). We all hold these values in common and they make our country great! Our little architects built a replica of our parliament building with amazing details.

In order to strengthen and develop our identity, our teachers at Futurekids Daycare and Preschool started appreciating the customs and traditions of a different cultures.

The children celebrated the 2017 Chinese New Year and had fun trying various activities such as making and tasting sushi, strengthening their fine motor skills whilst eating with chopsticks, improving gross motor coordination while doing the lion dance, etc.

Our laws are based on our democratic process. We value our democracy and every citizen is encouraged to do his or her share. What is a citizen? What makes a good citizen? These are some of the things our children brainstormed. During dramatic play our children were introduced to the voting process. They made simple choices of activities they wanted to do and respected the democratic outcome.

The province of Ontario is named after Lake Ontario which means “Lake of Shining Waters,” in Iroquoian. Ontario has about 250,000 freshwater lakes and the official bird, the common loon, is found in these lakes across the province. The Canadian one dollar coin, nicknamed the loonie, has the image of the common loon. Our children enjoyed many creative, sensorial and science activities around this topic.

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