Preschool And Daycare Graduation 2016

The hard work of this school year ended on a fun note with a field trip to the Queens Park Petting Zoo. Children of Futurekids Preschool & Daycare got to see, pet and feed an array of different animals including goats, pigs, bunnies, cows, ducks and peacocks.




Watching and waiting in eager anticipation the amazing metamorphosis of a Monarch butterfly, the children , solidified their understanding of how the butterfly goes through four stages to grow into an adult.

A composit of various views of a monarch emerging from its chrysalis.


In the past 10 months, the children and teachers enriched their lives learning about the continents of the world. Games like the following brought the world closer together.

20160610_111932 (1)


Child assessment is a vital component of our program. Not only is it an important tool in understanding and supporting young children’s development, it is essential in evaluating our program effectiveness.



Finally our graduation. We are proud of every child’s hard work and accomplishments. At the Futurekids Grad Ceremony, the children gave a snapshot of what they had learned throughout the year. They made dashing figures in their grad hats as they sang songs related to and imparting knowledge of the seven continents in the world. In finale, the teachers acknowledged their achievement by presenting certificates and a small gift to each and every child.

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