Preschool & Daycare: Canada’s Last Frontier


“Into the bowl of the midnight sky…violet, amber, and rose…”

Famed gold rush poet, Robert Service, was enthralled by the northern lights. The northern lights – otherwise known as Aurora Borealis – is a vivid demonstration of the earth’s magnetic field interacting with charged particles from the sun. The result is a spectacular display of colour in the sky. Every appearance of the northern light is special and unique dependant on the auroral activity.

Our children at Futurekids daycare and preschool, located in Burnaby, were inspired by this phenomenon and through science and art activities created spectacular auroras.

Some of the more popular wildlife in the Northwest Territory include black bears, polar bears and grizzly bears. Through books and worksheets our children at Futurekids, a daycare and preschool in Coquitlam, gained an understanding of their differences.

Sled dogs were an important form of transportation in northern Canada and Alaska. They delivered mail to the rural communities, hauled supplies to inaccessible areas, patrolled western Alaska during the World War and moved doctors, prospectors, trappers and anything else that needed to be moved in Winter. Modern sled dogs are canine athletes and participate in demanding races such as the Yukon Quest. Our children participated in their own Yukon Quest and expanded their vocabulary whilst learning about this famous sport!

They also learnt about survival in Canada’s Last Frontier through fun activities like ice fishing, sledding and dramatic play with related figures.

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