Out-Of-School: Season Of Merriment

School age children need time for humour and frivolity to counter-balance the seriousness of school time. In December, the Futurekids Out of School Program involved the children in the merriment of the season and encouraged expressions of exuberance and happiness. Children got right into the spirit of things decorating the classroom with seasonal art, activities and their very own Christmas tree.




But what would a celebration be without friends and treats. A special visit from out of town by past teaches synched the deal. Children were overjoyed by Michelle’s visit and making gingerbread houses with her.                                                                                     



Futurekids believes that children should be given the opportunity to develop a good concept of self and pride in one’s family and heritage. Children can learn that not everyone believes the same thing, and we must respect each person’s right to his or her own beliefs.  All can learn they have some beliefs in common and some that differ. The Futurekids Out of School children celebrated many traditions from around the world such as the game of Kwanzaa. For our much anticipated evening party children had prepared a  special skit that was funny with a little bit of moral context (to eat right and exercise even for Santa) which was a huge success. This was followed by our Mexican tradition of breaking the pinata. And lastly a visit from Santa bearing gifts for the children.






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