Out Of School: Out And About In May

This month at Futurekids, the children participated in David Suzuki 30 x 30 Nature Challenge. Most of us spend too much time in front of screens and too little time outdoors. It was time to fall back in love with nature – See you outside!



The goal of the challenge is to spend 30 minutes each day for the whole month outside exploring and spreading our love for nature.

This challenge worked out really well for Mother’s Day because many people have called our planet “Mother Earth.” Chief Joseph, the Nez Percee Indian Chief  (1840 – 1904), famously said, “The Earth is the mother of all people…”


In an ode to Mother Nature, the Out Of School Kids were asked to make their very own Lorax to describe how they were going to help Mother Earth.


One of the ideas was to clean up the playground around our school, Roy Stibbs Elementary. Children were divided into pairs, provided gloves and a bag. They did a fantastic job!


After honouring Mother Nature, it was time to also recognize and appreciate our own mothers. Our kids made cute cupcake cards, painted butterfly fridge magnets and took home sweet treats for their mothers.


To further connect with Earth we discovered and explored practices of the Aborigines, a people who lived in Australia for over fifty thousand years. These people decorated and painted caves and created rock faces with pictures of animals including birds, fish and reptiles. They believed that if they painted these animals, they would always be able to hunt them for food.



Boomerangs have been historically used for hunting, as well as a sport, and entertainment. They are commonly thought of as an Australian icon. We also learnt about Australia’s volcanos and made our own. The children discussed the typical Australian animals and played games by gluing a kangaroo’s tale.




This month the Out of School children at Futurekids also had fun exploring insects. They made fossils out of play dough and insect toys and they collected all sorts of insects in an insect box. They learnt about different insects and even created caterpillars and/or butterflies using their own materials.




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