Out of School Care: Summary of Activities


February at Futurekids, an Out of School Care Program located in Coquitlam, started with a building project with wood pieces, hot glue and a whole lot of creativity! The finished projects ranged from flower gardens, to helicopters, to a popsicle container on stilts with a functional lid.

During this week, we also took some time to imagine our own dream homes and create blueprints for their future construction. While some houses didn’t require bathrooms or kitchens they all had something unexpected: Indoor pool? check. Space room? check. Roller coaster to get from one floor to the next? double check.




Valentines day at Futurekids, an Out of School Program located on the border of Burnaby and Coquitlam, provided us the opportunity to share our good feelings about each other. We all decorated a bag to collect the cards our friends made for us, and everyone took time to hand make special cards with funny and sweet messages.





We had an EGGciting time building containers to hold our eggs for an egg drop off the red spiderweb in the playground. There was a lot of variety in the designs, some had bag parachutes, while others were simple cardboard boxes. Heavy rain didn’t take the fun out of the toss itself and once inside we found that overall our designs saved most of the eggs! It was quite the EGGstravaganza!





Game week gave us a chance to try several new games. Subbuteo and Crokinole were popular, but it was a simple cup and ball game that proved the most popular. We also made our own Pokemon cards, some cute, some scary and some outright impossible to beat!




And finally Hero week at Futurekids, an After School Care Program in Coquitlam, got us thinking about the different types of heroes out there. Community heroes are all around us and we took some time to make art of appreciation for Fire Fighters, Recyclers, and Hospital Technicians, amongst others. We then spend some time creating our own Super Heroes. We designed costumes, logos, and came up with an origin story, which included how our heroes attained their powers and how they became motivated to do heroic acts. We got some super results!




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