Futurekids Preschool & Daycare: October In North America

The Futurekids Preschool & Daycare’s trip to the Laity Pumpkin Patch enhanced our study of North America. We saw real totem poles and got to sit inside a teepee. The children got to also experience an early settler’s life.




Corn (or Maize) was first developed in Mexico and then it spread to the rest of America. It was the major diet of the native people. When the Pilgrims landed in America, corn saved their lives. Natives gave them dried grain to eat and showed them how to plant corn.

Our children at Futurekids, a daycare in Coquitlam, learnt many things about corn. They also saw, explored and tasted cornflakes, corn chips and corn tortilllas. In the activity below they strengthened their fine motor development as well as learnt to count the kernels of corn from 1 – 10.

image2 (5)

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A lot of science was involved in this next activity. Children at Futurekids, a preschool in Coquitlam, melted wax crayons on aboriginal art designs and watched how the colours blended. They also became aware of the properties of wax; that it melts and produces translucent colours with heat.

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Fine motor skills were strengthened in many ways including lacing dream catchers and picking kernels from corn on the cobs to pinning the felt map of North America on to a mat.

image1 (5)

We did a very unique bony art/Mexican funky skeleton. There is a secret hidden in the bones. Can you guess what it is?


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For the grand finale of our Mexican theme, our children at Futurekids, a centre in Burnaby, made Guacamole! To our surprise, not only did they enjoy eating it but also made it into a meal.




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