Out-Of-School November Highlights

The Remembrance week in the Out of School Program at Futurekids Centre was all about What We Can Do For Peace, they wrote poignant peace poems and played cooperative games. The focus was on communication instead of emotional reaction.




To tie in with peace and our unit on South America we discussed the Favelas or slums of Brazil. Children are working on a beautiful 3-D mural of its likeness and played soccer which is a sport dear to the children living in those favelas.


Soccer is a universal sport that brings people from different cultures together but that is not the only activity to do so. Dance and music also bring people together and we had the opportunity to learn some groovy latin moves from a professional dancer.

We celebrated Mardi Gras with different types of food and making our own masks.



Thats not all we did! We also enjoyed the great outdoors!

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