November In South America: Futurekids Daycare & Preschool

November’s theme on South America at Futurekids Centre, a daycare in Coquitlam, provided lots of opportunities for language development. Children expanded their vocabulary by learning names of unusual and unique animals such as the sloth and tapir; and exotic foods that originated in South America such as passion fruit, cacao and cashew nuts.





They learnt prepositions by placing the exotic animals in the different layers of the rainforest; and verbs by describing and acting out how these animals moved e.g. slithering like the anaconda, leaping like the poison frog and soaring like the condor.



A big hit with the children was the book by Anna Dewdney called Llama Llama and the Bully Goat; and the special introduction to some latin dance moves to latin music. For further insight into our exploration of South America please see the children’s binder at the centre and refer to our calendar.



November is also a month of Remembrance and the focus at Futurekids Centre was all about communication. Children were encouraged to communicate their needs and emotions through words instead of their hands. Sharing and taking turns example with games like matching soldiers and planting poppies were rewarded with spirit points.





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