Discovering Nature: Fun Activities To Do With The Children

This month the children of Futurekids, a daycare in Coquitlam, will be exploring nature. The following activities are a great way for your kids to interact with their environment.

1. Get outside and go on a nature walk. Some great parks to go to are:

Rocky Point Park

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Mundy Park

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mundy park








Stanley Park

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Deep Cove

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2. While walking around, collect rocks for a collection.

3. Ask your child to compare the rocks by size, shape, colour, etc. Make some suggestions of your own to get them thinking.

4. Challenge them further by asking them to count the rocks, add and subtract them from a pile.








5. Get Creative. Grab some paints and other items from nature such as pinecones, feathers, sticks and leaves to makeĀ an imaginative creature.









Painted Houses on rocks

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