Futurekids Out Of School: North American Culture

Native Americans of the NorthWest Coast such as the Kwakiutl, the Haida, and the Tlingit are well known for their totem poles. These traditional poles tell about individual families (and clans) accomplishments, adventures and stories.

Our Out-Of-School children at Futurekids Centre made their own totem poles and then wrote legends about the images on their totem poles.image3 (2)

image5 (1)

Our fun North America exercise was to make a tall inukshuk by piling unworked stones. Even our youngest member was up to the challenge.


image2 (6)

By far, the best time spent was in the Futurekids Haunted House. This year we not only built a cave like haunted house for us to tunnel through but we prepared the room and had some scary face painting too.

image2 (7)

image3 (3)

image1 (6)

What is Halloween without Jack O Lanterns? Our children in the Out Of School Program worked in groups of five for a pumpkin carving challenge. Each group had to ┬ácome up with a name for their pumpkin and they got to design it too. Team spirit was high and the leaders were extra motivated as the winning prize was movie tickets. Parents were invited to vote for the best carved pumpkin. Let’s just say the votes were tight.

image1 (7)

image2 (8)

image3 (4)





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