Transportation Craft Activities

Cardboard Helicopter– Make a helicopter using a big cardboard box (large enough to hold a child). Cut cardboard pieces for the propeller blades. Attach the blades to an old broom stick.

Cut a hole in the top of the box and insert the shaft. Invite the children to “fly” the helicopter by sitting inside the box, grasping the end of the stick and rotating it to simulate flying.


Cardboard Boat- Obtain a cardboard box (large enough to hold a child). Use the box to make a boat and cut pieces for paddles. Provide real life jackets and discuss water safety. Make magnetic fishing poles from old broom handles.

Tie a long piece of string to one end of stick and attach a heavy magnet to the other end of the string. Cut out fish shapes from different colored poster board and let children decorate it.

Then glue a large paper clip to each fish. (Optional-Print letters or numbers on the fish).

Spread the fish on the floor surrounding the boat and invite the children to use the magnetic pole to “catch” a particular fish from the boat.


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