Empowering Your Child Through Group Daycare

Futurekids daycare, located in Coquitlam, is a group daycare centre and last week was our first week of preschool. As in previous years, we had children with separation anxiety; some crying and not letting their parents go and some having a full blown emotional meltdown. This is common to see especially with children who have never been to daycare or preschool. Port Moody Daycares and Coquitlam Daycares, like Futurekids Daycare, have seen similar reactions from children going to kindergarten for the first time. At Futurekids, we see that it is overwhelming for parents who have been the main stay in their child’s life until now.

I would like to assure parents that separation anxiety is normal. This is a special stage in your child’s life and your life where parenting will involve not just an emotional role but also a more functional one; a more functional role to predispose your child to learning and pave the way toward greater sociability. This is a hard lesson for most parents but know that, it is healthy to expose your child to social interaction in a peer group. It is also important to cultivate and enhance the experiences of learning in a structured environment. In fact, studies have shown that children who have been in daycare since young age, especially in a structured learning environment like Futurekids daycare, are not only more outgoing, social and confidant but they also have a strong academic foundation due to regular stimulation and communication.

Fortunately, parents nowadays realize that the emotional and functional roles have to go hand in hand and that it is not healthy to emphasize one at the cost of the other. In the end I would to tell parents that it is the quality of time you spend with your child(ren) that is important rather than the quantity.

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