Egg-periments: Activities For Children

April was a great time to learn about eggs and have Easter fun. In April, we learnt about the different animals that lay eggs through worksheets, arts & crafts, reading books, etc. We built nests using wool, soap and water. It was a wonderful sensorial experience.

In addition, the kids had a wonderful time experimenting with eggs by understanding why eggs are oval shaped, how it breathes and how to get a boiled egg through a narrow bottle. As per tradition during Easter time, we even had our own Easter Egg Hunt!

This unit was expanded to include reptiles, birds and amphibians that lay eggs. For example, through cooking we learnt the differences between frogs and toads. Through worksheets we learnt the differences between crocodiles and alligators as well as turtles and tortoises. Lastly, we ended the unit with a visit from the Cinema Zoo. The children got to see and/or touch live snakes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, turtles, stick bugs, tarantula spiders and many more animals.









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