December Holidays: Teaching Children About Diversity

December plays host to several big holidays, with Christmas being the most celebrated in North America. It is during this time of year that we get mixed feelings and strong opinions about a daycare hosting a Christmas party. The main concern for these parents is that they do not celebrate Christmas and therefore do not want to attend the Christmas party. To the parents of Futurekids Centre, a daycare in burnaby, I want to assure you that while our party may be called a Christmas party, it is in fact a celebration of all holiday events occurring in the month of December.

At Futurekids Centre, we believe diversity is our strength. We like to recognize differences and build a spirit of acceptance, compromise and respect of all social and cultural diversity. Our curriculum does not focus on religions but what we can learn from different religions. We believe that when children are educated and confident in their own identity and excepting of other traditions, they can come together for all kinds of competent and creative expressions.

Festive Craft Ideas:

Kwanzaa Placemat

Hannukah Handprint Menorah 

Festive Meal Ideas:

Kwanzaa Desserts 

Hannukah Latkes Appetizer

Now you may be wondering what we do at Futurekids, a daycare in coquitlam, to celebrate all these festive events. To celebrate Christmas we have a Santa Claus, for Las Posadas we break a Pinata and for Kwanzaa and Hannukah we light candles. What we truly love about this time of year is the bonding, fun and learning that goes into these activities. For parents who feel their traditions are left out, teach us more about a festive event and we will come up with an activity to incorporate it in our curriculum.

Happy Holidays to All,

The Futurekids Daycare Centre Staff

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