Daycare & Preschool: Parading The Wild Rose Country

Alberta is a Wild West kind of place – well known for cows, oil, mountains and lots of open space. Our children at Futurekids Centre paraded the spirit of the Calgary stampede during dramatic play and strengthened their muscle control and eye hand coordination through various activities.




When our first Prime Minister, John A. MacDonald, proposed building a railroad to unite the east coast with the west coast, he also created the North West Mounted Police to ensure the safety of those who worked on its construction. Our children learned the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and  math concepts while acknowledging all the people who serve our country.




In the summer, we said that one week was not enough for children to satisfy the fascination with dinosaurs. Well here we go a chance again to learn about these extinct species. Alberta is world famous for dinosaur fossils. Bones have been discovered within two cities in Alberta; Edmonton and Grand Prairie. Our children at Futurekids Preschool and Daycare became veritable palaeontologists digging for dinosaurs encased in ice, cleaning through “dirt” to discover the “bones” and putting together pieces of dino bones like a jigsaw puzzle.





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