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Quebec has given the world the internationally renowned Cirque Du Soleil and a fair share of notable celebrities including hockey players like Mario Lemieux, singers like Celine Dion and actors like William Shatner.

The cultural component in Quebec is impressive. There are 150 theatre companies, over 100 musical organizations and 59 dance schools in the province. In fact, every artistic discipline is represented in the numerous festivals that take place all over Quebec.

March at Futurekids Daycare and Preschool started with a field trip to the gym and our future Cirque Du Soleil acrobats showed off their flexibility, balance, coordination and agility.


During St. Patrick’s Week, we celebrated the historical Irish presence in Quebec in a lively and colourful atmosphere with music, dance and many other surprises to delight our young children. Children also experimented with colours; learning that blue and yellow makes green and how the strength of its combination makes the different shades of green.

The Quebec Carnaval is the world’s largest winter carnival and it began as a celebration based on the Mardi Gras traditions brought here by the French culture. When the French inhabitants of “New France” first moved into the area, they began celebrating this late February and early March event as they had back in their homeland. Over the years, the carnival has grown and taken a life of its own with unique traditions.

Our children brought the spirit and warmth of the carnival during Spring Break.

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