Daycare & Preschool: Golden Prairies Festivities

Christmas has evolved into a largely secular celebration centered on gift giving. Canadian children are taught that Santa lives in Canada (in the North Pole which we claim to own). Our children at Futurekids Daycare and Preschool were delighted with a visit by this mythical character who gives gifts to good little boys and girls.

Canada does not have a lot of unique Christmas traditions. The majority of the rituals associated with the holidays were imported from England during the reign of Queen Victoria. A lot of families including us have evolved our own private customs. For example, at Futurekids, we have a piñata ceremony whee each child attempts to break the piñata filled with treats.

In accordance with our theme this month, learning about the Golden Prairies, the children enjoyed a lovable Winnie the Pooh inspired piñata. The bear that inspired the lovable Winnie the Pooh character was owned by a Winnipegger and named after his hometown.

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