Daycare & Preschool: The Study Of Europe

The arts, inventions and foods of Europe offered the children at Futurekids Daycare Centre, a preschool and daycare in Coquitlam, an opportunity to explore the past, from ancient Roman and Greek times, to the modern world of Europe today. For example;



The architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans was based on balance and harmony and is known as classical architecture. It has huge influence on western architecture. Children at Futurekids, located in Burnaby, learnt about the earliest architectural development where a beam is placed horizontally across upright posts and about including arches and domes for greater height and more space inside a building.



Also, over the last 1000 years, the landscape of Europe has changed significantly with the development of modern castles. Our children at Futurekids Daycare Centre learnt about the earliest architectural development where a beam is placed horizontally across upright posts and used their knowledge to accomplish outstanding structures. They also created shape castles whilst learning about colors, balance and harmony.


Europe gets really cold in winter. Meaning over there, they have no choice but to find fun stuff to do in the colder months. What better way to do that then make amazing ice sculptures, match mittens and sequence snowman?



Europe consists of many countries including Russia, which is the largest country in the world and extends from Europe to Asia. Our children at Futurekids Preschool were delighted to size the famous Matryoshka dolls from Russia and listen to the classical Ukrainian folktale of, “The Mitten.”




Hedgehogs are predominantly found in Europe. They resemble closely to porcupines found here in North America. Children at Futurekids Preschool and Daycare learnt the difference between the two while strengthening their fine motor skills with fun activities.thumb_IMG_1130_1024


Europe has a great diversity of food reflecting its cultural mosaic. The children at Futurekids Preschool learnt; that Pizza originated from Italy, the song, “I’m a Pizza,” and made their own “pizzas” with a variety of toppings.




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