Daycare & Preschool: December Festivals

December is a month of festivals in many cultures around the world. At Futurekids Centre, a daycare and preschool in Coquitlam, we incorporate learning math, science, language and other curriculum areas around these festivals.




Many celebrations focus on lighting candles at this time. The teachers at Futurekids Centre began by brainstorming the sources of light with the children (such as sun, moon, stars and fire). We learnt that candles were one of the first sources of man-made light. Therefore, it is not surprising that candles have been used extensively in celebrations throughout the world. The children then compared the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the Diwali candles.


Seasonal activities such as making paper-chains (learning patterns), identifying toys to fit in different boxes (learning volume and size), and getting Santa dressed (learning sequencing) led to further math and science opportunities.



Children particularly enjoyed Montessori activities that not only strengthened their fine motor skills but kept them focused for long periods of time; decorating their gingerbread houses; weaving ribbons; and placing ornaments on their Christmas trees.




What is Christmas without edible treats! Thanks to Mrs. Luk who provided ingredients, prepped everything and brought it to the centre. The children at Futurekids daycare, a daycare and preschool in Burnaby, had a blast decorating their gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, snowman and Rudolf. The children were licking their fingers before they were finished.




Futurekids Daycare Centre was a hive of activity until the day of our finale – Our traditional seasonal party. Children performed a fabulous, “Christmas Around The World,” play and attempted to break the Mexican tradition of breaking a pinata to get candies. Of course, the highlight was when Santa arrived bearing gifts for all the children.




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