Daycare & Preschool: Children Of Nature

Recent studies have established the long known benefits of the relationship between children’s contact with the natural outdoors and their intellectual, emotional, social, spirtual, and physical development. In July, the aim of the teachers at Futurekids Daycare centre was to improve children’s knowledge about the environment while strengthening all areas of development.

Children at Futurekids observed many things from nature such as sticks, stones, leaves and flowers. One such collection turned into an opportunity for a fun, hands-on learning of math concepts. Children sorted items according to attributes and made patterns.

The children also learnt about symmetry, specifically reflection symmetry and rotational symmetry. The subject was introduced with items from nature such as shells, logs, pinecones, etc. The unit was extended by giving children photos of outdoor things and allowing them to classify the two and recognize the items that were not symmetrical or were A-symmetrical.

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