Daycare & Preschool: The Busy Beavers

In the month of November, the teachers at Futurekids, a daycare and preschool in Coquitlam, focused on strengthening positive work ethics in the children. There are so many elements to defining work ethics. It refers to one’s attitude towards hard work, responsibility, honesty, focus, determination and dedication.

Work ethics starts with instilling in our children the importance of contributing to their families and then their communities. A hundred years ago, families were large and all children helped with age appropriate chores (even at preschool age). Studies show that asking children to help with chores starting at ages 3 years is instrumental in predicting the children’s success in their mid-20s. At Futurekids, a preschool and daycare in Coquitlam, the teacher’s cultivated the former with responsibilities and taks for all the children including clean up after free play, clearing their own things after meals, etc. Also, part of their daily task is studying which is made fun and filled with activities aimed at teaching concepts.

November is also the month of Remembrance and the world solider says a lot! Soliders strive for the safety and security of others. They work tirelessly during crisis and are purposeful and persistent in accomplishing tasks set out for them. The discipine and work ethics of a solider is remarkable and admired. The teachers at Futurekids, located in Coquitlam, focused on cultivating similar self discipline. Through various activities they encouraged the children to be persistent and strive for excellence in each task. For example, creating the tallest tower took focus and basic planning while building; learning to tie shoe laces encouraged patience; etc. Praising the children for their efforts sealed the deal.

Another aspect of work ethics that the teachers in the Futurekids daycare and preschool strengthened was will power by delaying gratification. Leading researchers in the field have documented that by supporting the latter, children were better able to concentrate, plan and handle stress as adolescents. Futhermore, in middle age, they were less aggressive and scored more highly on measures of self worth.

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