Coquitlam Daycare & Preschool: School Is In Session

Not all children need help with the same skills and what your child needs practice with could vary, depending on their age and development level. The teachers at Futurekids Daycare and Preschool Centre spent time this month to determine each child’s strengths and a weaknesses.





The relationship between cognitive skills and social-emotional skills is especially obvious when it comes to school readiness. A child who is able to cooperate, follow direction, ask for help and get along with other is ready to focus their attention on learning and exploration.





Through dramatic play our future doctors seem to be heading in the right direction!



Teachers at Futurekids Centre, a coquitlam daycare and preschool, realize that clean up time is just as important as playtime. This teaches many life lessons including responsibility, self motivation, citizenship and mathematical concepts.  For example, during free play, children will dump items on the floor and mix up toys. But, during clean up time, kids will sort and place toys back into their original places. Our children at Futurekids, a coquitlam daycare and preschool, simulated sorting toys as a table activity first.



When children attempt tasks for themselves and take on increasing responsibilities, their sense of achievement and success as competent members of society grows. Teachers at Futurekids, a coquitlam daycare and preschool, encourage independence, offer choices to make their own decisions, and provide tasks that allow children to attempt challenging work.




Playing with balloons became an opportunity to teach some of the latter skills. In the beginning, some children held on to the balloons with two hands, not letting go. Some children played with the balloon, but solitary and got upset if anyone touched “their” balloon. The teacher turned it into a game…you could use only one hand to hit the balloon away from you. By the end, everyone was laughing and enjoying the experience as a group.



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