Preschool & Daycare: Explore Amazing Antarctica

A Tangram is a Chinese puzzle consisting of seven shapes or ‘tans’.┬áTangrams can be used to teach kids to measure area without a formula – an approach that should help kids develop an intuitive sense of geometry. You stare at two shapes and ask yourself…How would they look if you stuck them together? Rotated them? Slide them around into different positions?

Experiments suggest that thinking about such things i.e. visualizing the spatial relationships between shapes in your ‘mind’s eye’, can boost your visual-spatial skills. A recent study also hints that mental rotation tasks boost mathematics ability too.


Traditional clothing is a cultural beauty of each country. They not only represent the identity of the country but also elements of culture from which they originate. Children at Futurekids Centre embraced this heritage, expressing appreciation and respect towards other cultures by wearing traditional garments from Asia.




They further bridged the difference between groups of people by harmoniously joining in celebrating the 2016 Chinese New Year, making and eating sushi and even using chopsticks.



Martial Arts is a common self defines practice cultivated in Asia to prevent conflict or to reduce the chance of young people reacting out of fear to threatening situations such as being bullied. The ultimate goal of martial arts is to understand and resolve conflict peacefully whilst developing mentally, physically and spiritually. Children at Futurekids Preschool explored some of the different techniques in martial arts at Yuen’s Martial Arts Centre.


Japan has 10% of the world’s total number of active volcanoes. Teachers at Futurekids performed science experiments to simulate eruptions and children learned about the substances that cause the latter.



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