Learning About Family In November



“All about ME” week helped Futurekids learn about themselves as babies, document who they are now and set on paper some future goals. Goals like training for the Olympics, riding bikes to Mexico and buying a sweet car made the pages; these goal exemplify the mindsets of our determined and hardworking group. The final task of the book was to make a message to their future selves, these messages ranged from inquisitive, to inspirational, to absolutely hilarious. All the children should be very proud of their work!




All about me and my family week was all about defining a family symbol. We created a family motto and an image within a family shield. The shield’s are held up by two supporters. All these things plus the colours used have meanings behind them and each child has a write up on the back of their page. It was a thought provoking task for the children to think about how to create a concept that includes all the members of their family and they all rose to the challenge!


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